Fall of Giants, Ken Follett



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  1. Tia S. Says:

    Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants begins on June 22, 1911 and continues throughout World War I, the Russian Revolution, and women’s suffrage. The plot follows five families, all of whom are interconnected, and their experiences during these major historical events. In Aberdeen, you are introduced to Billy Williams (nicknamed Billy Twice then Billy With Jesus), a boy who becomes a coal miner. His sister, Ethel, is the maid of Earl Fitzherbert of Aberowen, another major character. Slowly, you’re introduced to all five families (including the Peshkov’s of Russia and the Dewar’s), learn their connections and watch as they experience the effects of World War I.

    Although this is a work of fiction, Follett included an immense amount of historical facts, using real people as characters (Woodrow Wilson, King George V, etc.) and including real events. Follett did a very good job of teaching readers about important historical events while still writing an enjoyable narrative. The writing can be a bit dull at times, but it always manages to pick up again. I would definitely recommend this to people who enjoy learning about history and are interested in the first world war as it is filled to the brim with interesting insights and facts.

    Rating: ⅘ stars

    For those looking for a historical read that’s much less daunting than this one (960 pages!) I would recommend something along the lines of Diary of Anne Frank or Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. For those looking for something with less narrative but is still a fun read, I would recommend A Short History of Nearly Everything, or anything by Bill Bryson, really.

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