Traveler’s History of Washington, Bill Gulick

travelers histroy of washington


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One Response to “Traveler’s History of Washington, Bill Gulick”

  1. Tyler R. Says:

    The Travelers History of Washington by Bill Gulick is a great informational book covering all aspects of how Washington came to be. I would rate this book at a three out of five. Covering everything from the old blockhouse on Whidbey Island to the lower Granite Dam. Going all over the state from the Cascades to Puget Sound all the way to the far corners and back across. This book is great for someone that is looking for a larger background of this magnificent state.

    Personally, I found this book a great read at times but others were very long and seemed to drag on too far, yet Gulick does a fantastic job of giving you as much information and background as possible to help you better understand how even the San Juan Islands were created. I would recommend this book for any kind of history project because it is a smaller lesser known topic that is not thought about by many people. In this book I thoroughly enjoyed how Gulick used even the smallest details to enhance his point, did you know there was a war in the San Juan Islands? Pick up this book and find out more.

    For other books to read I would recommend The Red Pyramid by Rick Roridan and The Lost Hero by Rick Roridan.

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