The Madness Underneath, Maureen Johnson

madness underneath

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  1. bachbooks Says:

    The Madness Underneath picks up where The Name of the Star ends, with Rory living with her parents in Bristol and undergoing counselling for her near death experience at the hands of the ghost neo-Ripper. She longs to return to Wexford and reunite with her London friends, and she soon gets that chance. Rory’s return fails to live up to her expectations, and she seeks the aid of Jane, a mysterious counselor recommended by Charlotte. Jane’s counselling leads Rory away from Wexford and prompts the Shades of London to risk their lives to try to save her.

    The end of The Name of the Star left me wanting to know more about Rory’s relationships with her Wexford friends, and I looked forward to reading more about them in this sequel, but these relationships hit dead ends in the second book. Rory and Jerome’s relationship annoyed me, as the regressed from high school flirting to middle school style name calling. I found Jane super creepy, and I didn’t really like the ending of this book either. I’ll probably read the third book with the hope of a grand reunion and soaring resolution, but I fear this series may follow the Divergent path: starting with a bang and ending with a whimper.

    Rating: 2.5 stars

    Recommendations: The Diviners, We Were Liars, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Twilight, Ghostbusters

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