Fist Stick Knife Gun, Geoffrey Canada and Jamar Nicholas

fist stick knife gun


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One Response to “Fist Stick Knife Gun, Geoffrey Canada and Jamar Nicholas”

  1. bachbooks Says:

    This autobiographical graphic novel tells the story of Geoffrey Canada growing up on the mean streets of New York City. At the playground, on the block, and in school he learns the unwritten rules of violence. In this “Personal History of Violence” Geoffrey lives in fear of the threats around him until he learns to fight with his fists, and then takes up a knife, and eventually a gun, in his quest for personal protection and freedom from fear. He eventually realizes that carrying a gun engages him in a “kill or be killed” game where he can’t honestly embrace either outcome.

    Canada’s autobiography succeeded in conveying the sick sense of dread which follows from living in constant fear. In contrast to his childhood punctuated with rare moments of peace, I almost never feared for my safety as a child or a teen. I am privileged to live a life of practiced nonviolence, and it pains me to read another true life story where our culture normalizes systemic violence.

    Rating: 3 stars

    Recommendations: Always Running, Monster, Mean Girls, Smile, Sisters, Reconstructing Amelia

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