Four Secrets, Margaret Willey

four secrets

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  1. bachbooks Says:

    Katie, Nate, and Renata are sent to juvenile detention for kidnapping Chase, their junior high classmate, and holding him captive for a week. They create a pact which prevents them from revealing the details of their crime, so a social worker assigned to the case struggles to piece together the means and motives for their action, and she has each of them write a journal explaining why they ended up in “Juvie.” Kate starts to tell the whole story, then realizes her mistake and creates a second journal to share with the social worker, while she keeps the real journal for herself. Nate uses the language of an epic fantasy adventure story to tell his version of the events. Renata uses a sketchbook to draw each of her journals. As the social worker reads the journals and interviews people close to Katie, Nate, Renata, and Chase, she pieces together the four secrets that bring the teens together, hold them captive, and just might set them free.

    I enjoyed reading Four Secrets, and I especially liked how the various journals presented the same events from differing perspectives and narrative styles. Reading over the social worker’s shoulder allowed me to unwrap the mystery along with her. With the junior high characters and setting, this book may appeal more to middle school readers, but I found the mystery entertaining enough to keep me reading to find what secrets the author might reveal.

    Rating: 3 stars

    Recommendations: My Sunshine Away, Reconstructing Amelia, We Were Liars, I’ll Give You the Sun

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