The Medical Book, Clifford A. Pickover

medical book


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One Response to “The Medical Book, Clifford A. Pickover”

  1. Lydia B. Says:

    Not limited to just pages about disease, Pickover’s book features entries ranging from the Condom, Glass Eye, Biological Weapons, the Germ Theory of Disease, and even the Sewage System, considering that poor sewage systems were a leading cause in the contraction of disease back in the day. In the section of self-surgery, Pickover provides specific examples of cases that have occurred.

    Although there are few complaints, one or two of the examples in the self-surgery section were misleading. While two of them were examples of actual doctors performing actual appendectomies on themselves, another example was of a Hispanic woman who used a kitchen knife to cut her child from her womb, which really shouldn’t be compared to a surgeon performing her own cesarean section on herself.

    Overall the book provides a series of interesting and unexpected milestones, earning itself 4 stars.

    Other recommended books include “Stiff” by Mary Roach as well as “Gulp”, also by Mary Roach.

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