Vietnam: A History, Stanley Karnow

vietnam a history


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  1. Elvis M. Says:

    Summary: Vietnam A History, tells the story of how America, through valiant efforts, tried to stop the spread of Communism in Southeast Asia by helping the South Vietnamese thwart off the Communist North Vietnam with their Russian and Chinese support. The book begins with laying out the History of Vietnam, how the French tried to handle Vietnam but ultimately failed, how U.S. officials and Military Advisers aided South Vietnam with training their troops and funding for weapons, ammunition, and attempting to “stabilize” their government. Then the “Peace” was broken and America started to send in ground troops to push back and help their South Vietnamese allies. For seven years, America was battling the Communists until the one thing that the U.S. desperately needed, public support, was nearly lost, and America started to pull out their troops and eventually signed a Peace Treaty with North Vietnam. President Richard M. Nixon called it “Peace with Honor.” Unfortunately, Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, eventually fell to Communism and Vietnam was unified as a Communist country.

    Evaluation: This book was a very good read, it laid out the history that there is in Vietnam. It is definitely a tough read and is very long for people who do not like to read, do not like history, or do not like war. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book and had to force myself not to keep reading because if I had not stopped, I would have finished too fast. It is full of information, soldiers’ and high ranking officials’ testimonies and interviews, recounting the War. I highly recommend this book.

    Recommendations: Three books I would recommend would be Fallen Angels and Sunrise Over Fallujah, both by Walter Dean Myers, and The First World War A Complete History, by Martin Gilbert. The first two are fictional and talk about the Vietnam War (Fallen Angels) and the Iraq War (Sunrise Over Fallujah) while the third book is nonfiction and talks about the struggle that the World had to face when the World was pushed into all out War (The First World War A Complete History).

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