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  1. Angel H. Says:

    After leaving his hometown in Texas, Chris Kyle, America’s most lethal sniper, embarks on a physically and mentally challenging task to become a Navy SEAL. After pushing through all the tasks and challenges that one needs to go through to become a Navy SEAL he fights his way through 4 tours of Iraq, earning the title of a legend with 160 confirmed kills. He shows us the terrors of war and describes to us how he saw it. He watched as his friends died on the battle field and also describes and shows that no matter the cost, he will defend and protect his country until he dies.

    I thought this book was valuable in its opinions and experience. There were times in the book where I thought that he was a little too cruel. He demonstrated that he thought of all the people not on his side were enemies, even the youngest of children, but this could have been due to the fact that he needed to protect his country. He brought a very valuable opinion on what he thought and experienced in Iraq. I also thought that he could have done more for his family once he got home. He tells of his experience and depicts himself as a strong soldier in the battle field. Overall the book was very well thought out and written. I sometimes think that he stretches things and maybe might have exaggerated on some details, but I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t there.

    Rating: 4/5 Stars

    Recommendations: Unbroken and Ashley’s War: The Untold Story of a Team of Women Soldiers on the Special Ops Battlefield

  2. Thomas G. Says:

    The story of Chris Kyle, America’s most lethal sniper with over 160 confirmed kills, is one the world will not soon forget. Having been told masterfully by Kyle himself, “American Sniper” emphasizes the true meaning of war and the sacrifices made by men and women in uniform every day during war times. As he leaves his hometown in Texas, a young Chris Kyle embarks on a journey not only physically strenuous, but mentally as well, as he is worked nearly to the bone as a pending Navy SEAL in the military’s most infamous training programs. On the field, he witnesses the life and death of loved ones, the brutal savagery of war only a soldier can truly experience. Until his tragic death, Kyle makes himself out to be a true American, prepared to defend his country at whatever cost necessary.

    Chris Kyle’s “American Sniper” is a thrill ride the whole way through, told masterfully by the famous gunman himself. Immediately, Kyle begins his book with perhaps the most controversial story of his telling, involving the shooting of an innocent looking but ultimately very dangerous Iraqi woman. It is his honest and straightforward style highlighted by such an event that sets Kyle apart from other writers of the genre, his writing guided by first hand experience and emotion. Kyle depicts himself as a patriotic American, and strong soldier as well, leading his men through various lethal situations, and sharing with them many heartwarming times as well. I was blown away by the storytelling in this book and very satisfied knowing I was getting the true account from a legitimate Navy SEAL. Although understandably a difficult book for many people to appreciate due to Chris Kyle’s somewhat controversial opinions on faith, America and the Iraqi militants he was forced to face, it appears to me that the actions and choices he made during a time of such hostilities were necessary for the protection and safety of himself and those around him, especially since he was essentially in the heart of Middle Eastern conflict. An amazing book, one I believe should be read by anyone interested in the accounts of war and the attitudes of those serving.

    Rating: 5/5 stars

    Recommendations: Argo, All Quiet on the Western Front

  3. Carmen F. Says:

    Summary: American Sniper is the autobiography of Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL who made 167 confirmed kills during his enlistment, making him the “most lethal sniper in US military history.” The book primarily describes his deployment in Iraq as a Navy SEAL, rather than just his kills. There’s a lot of time spent in bars and local streets, as well as on missions–although he describes those in detail as well. The book also focuses on what life was like for his wife back in the US. The total amount of time covered in this book is from when Kyle first enrolled in the army to his decision to stay at home once his enlistment was over. Like most war novels, and especially war memoirs, American Sniper does not shy away from depictions of violence or military strategy.

    Evaluation: I actually really disliked this book, not because I don’t like the content, but because I don’t like Chris Kyle. He is downright cruel to the people of Iraq, he considers them all–even innocent civilians, even children– to be “savages,” and expresses satisfaction in killing them more than once. The main conflict of the book is the destruction of his being in a war has on his marriage, rather than the destruction of the war itself. There is no contemplation about the morality of his actions or even an ounce of sorrow for the suffering of his wife. Although, even Kyle is capable of understanding the horrors of war; he appears to suffer from PTSD, especially after witnessing the deaths of 2 of his teammates. But that’s not so much a moral dilemma as much as a reaction to trauma. American Sniper is a book that looks at the very complex issue of war with a very black and white view: The enemy is evil. All soldiers are here because they want to kill. By doing so they are protecting their country. So not only is Kyle overly simplistic in his views (especially considering that this is the Iraq War we’re talking about), but he often speaks for all veterans in order to justify his actions. But in reality, this is just the point of view of one man, not all military soldiers. In fact, I’ve read a fair amount of criticism by other Iraq War veterans who have read this book because of its inaccuracy. Still, I recommend reading this book, if only for the experience. Kyle provides an interesting insight into military life and its duties. But I wouldn’t call him a hero because of it.

    Recommendations: A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn
    Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank

  4. Ben D. Says:

    Summary: The story of Chris Kyle begins when he is a young boy. As a boy he is taught traditional values and spends his time hunting and riding horses in Texas. He then goes to college and after graduating becomes a rodeo cowboy. Eventually however he hurts himself. He then decides to become a navy seal. Throughout his time as a SEAL he became the deadliest sniper ever, with over 160 confirmed kills. He also had the longest shot in SEAL history of 2,100 yards. He eventually retires as a war hero and begins his post-war life helping veterans. He is eventually shot and killed by a war veteran.

    Evaluation: This book was a very good book. Very patriotic, but never boring. The author offered many strong opinions but provided a new and different view on the war. I really enjoyed the whole story. I would absolutely recommend this story to anybody who enjoys an exciting war story about a true war hero.

    Rating: 4.5/5

    Similar books: Unbroken, Killing Patton, Lone Survivor

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