Lost in Shangri-La, Mitchell Zuckoff

lost in shangri-la


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  1. Max N. Says:

    Summary: Lost In Shangri-La is the untold story of a woman, Margaret, serving in the Women’s Army Corps who ends up stationed on an unexplored island in New Guinea. Margaret spends most of her time in the WAC behind a desk doing the tasks of what a man unfit for action would perform. Margaret becomes exposed to harsh conditions similar to those seen by men in battle when she takes part in a flight meant for sight seeing that crashes in uncharted territories. The flight was meant to show the passengers the isolated tribes of the island that, up until recently, thought they were alone in the world. Margaret comes face to face with these mysterious people after battling serious wounds she encounters after the plane crash. The story of Margaret and her companions travels around the world, paying special attention to her gender and the strangeness of the situation. Rescue efforts to save the survivors of the flight are extremely difficult with the island having too dangerous of topography and weather for any plane to make a safe mission to the survivors. The rescuers go through great lengths to save the survivors but become faced with unprecedented enemies.

    Lost in Shangri-La is a suspenseful book that gives readers a break from the many iconic war stories of World War Two and tells the a true story unheard of by most. Written with great detail, this book throws the reader into the incredibly harsh living conditions where Margaret encountered disease and injury without any modern medicine. The writer carefully develops each character mentioned in the story, even those who die before they have a chance to become part of the plot are given an honorable mention that connects the reader to them at a level deep enough for the reader to feel great sorrow for their death. With Margaret’s great will to find safety and survive, even after the loss of nearly all of those around her, and her many other skills Margaret is able to last through whatever conditions are thrown at her and her companions. She meets many charismatic people who help her through her struggles whom the reader is easily able to connect with. Through the entire book I was able to find connections between Margaret and her companions to myself and my friends and I was instantly hooked on the untold plot. This is a fantastic book for any history buff looking to read about encounters with isolated tribes or any person interested in stories that take place during World War Two.

    Rating: Five Stars

    Recommendations: Unbroken, A Higher Call, The Maze Runner

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