My Father’s Country, Wibke Bruhns

my father's country


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One Response to “My Father’s Country, Wibke Bruhns”

  1. DJ. Says:

    By the end of the book the writer has become very content with what she learned. She started to understand that she needed to respect her heritage and realize that not everyone who was a German was an evil person and many had good intentions. My questions were answered when I asked if their family was going to do anything about Hitler’s reign as they were part of a plan to bring him down, sadly this plan did not work out but it still brought the reader to the attention that her family were the good guys. The purpose for the author to write this book was so that people were able to understand what happened in Germany from an inside view and not a view just from other countries. She wanted people to understand that not everyone in Germany wanted Jews to die or that they wanted to take over the world but they also wanted them to understand that there were people who wanted to help other countries and wanted just their own interests.

    I would recommend this book to readers because it is good to understand what happened to the German people and not just the end result of everything that happened. People should not only hear about the evil things but they should get a sense for what it would be like to live in Germany.

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