The Curve of Time, M. Wylie Blanchet

curve of time


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One Response to “The Curve of Time, M. Wylie Blanchet”

  1. Rosamund D. Says:

    This is an exciting true story comprised of stories about a brave woman who, every summer for fifteen years, crammed her children into her twenty-five-foot sailboat and set out for adventures in the North West Islands of Canada. Following captain Vancouver’s diary, the journey of Juan de Fuca, and her own heart, the single mother and her children meet colorful people of the islands, investigate deteriorating Indian villages, and explore unknown islands. This unreal story recollects Blanchet’s bravery in her bout in toiling open seas, her young eager heart of adventure, and of the beauty of the islands.

    This book blew me away on a fascinating adventure that reminded me of my own in northwest islands. Blanchet was a single mom during the 1920’s. It is fascinating to watch her break through common stereotypes during that time, such as to work on boat engines, live in the middle of nowhere with her five children, and to be brave enough to take all of them into the islands on adventures for four months for five years. She is truly an inspiring woman. I recommend this easy reading book to every one of all ages. If you read this book, it will change your view of the world and of the people in it.

    Suggested Books: Once upon an Island by David Conover, and Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder

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