Assassination Vacation, Sarah Vowell



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One Response to “Assassination Vacation, Sarah Vowell”

  1. Rachel A. Says:

    Throughout the book Assassination Vacation, written by Sarah Vowell, she develops a deep interpretation of the events which lead up to the assassination of three presidents who were still in office at the time. Vowell spends equal amounts of time reflecting on the presidents as well as their assassins. While looking at the three presidents, Abraham, McKinley, and Garfield, Vowell discusses motives and reasons behind their assassination. Through Vowell’s discussion, you gain a greater grasp on the time surrounding the area and the politics which motivated certain decisions.

    This book keeps you turning the pages and is a constant reminder of the problems within today’s world. While reading this book, I was reminded of the times we live in and the danger of certain policies. Vowell creates a great foundation for these three stories, by traveling along and visiting different monuments in the flesh. I would definitely recommend this book, if you are looking to gain knowledge on U.S. presidential history.

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