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  1. Madison L. Says:

    In Cold Blood by Truman Capote is a true story about the murder of a family named the Clutters who lived in Holcomb, Kansas. The family consisted of the depressed mother Mrs. Clutter, taken care of by her kind and generous husband Mr. Clutter, with their darling daughter Nancy and genius boy Kenyon. With no apparent motive, two criminals Perry Smith and Dick Hickock brutally murdered the family. They were found tied up and shot to death, and only a couple things were stolen from the house. After killing the family, Perry and Dick set out on an adventure, killing a few others along the way and initially getting away with the murder. They had no personal connection with the family and didn’t leave any clues for the police to find. Perry isn’t as viscous as Dick, but his motive is explored as his questioning sexuality, insecure feelings, and anger at his family, and the world, are revealed. Dick is the true cold blooded killer in this book, violent and evil, but the killing is tough on him and his motives aren’t clearly understood or explained. The town in which the family was murdered are scared when a family they thought would be the least likely to be killed, are murdered. Many rumors circulate about who could have done it, making everyone suspicious of each-other, This distrust turns the town upside down. The lead investigator Al Dewy becomes obsessed with the murder and thinks he must find out exactly what happened to this family. Though it seems Perry and Dick will get away with the murder, a witness ties the men to the killings through footprints at the crime scene and the binoculars and radio they took from the Clutter home. They are both eventually arrested and confess to the murder, then later convicted, and after years they are hung. While waiting on death row, Perry reveals his personal thoughts, ambitions and motives, specifically about the night him and Dick set out to murder the Clutters.

    Review: I thought this book was really interesting and insightful. The author leads readers into the minds of the killers and what motivated them to kill an innocent family for no apparent reason at all. This book also shows how such a gruesome event can affect an entire town of people, turning neighbors against one another and creating a deeply rooted suspicion in a formerly friendly town. The lead investigator is also a really interesting character as he becomes obsessed with the case and tries to tie things together with little evidence. The author of this book really did his research before writing the story, getting into the minds of all his characters. Overall, a really intriguing read and an incredible story.

    Recommendations: The Kite Runner, Three Cups of Tea, The Last Stand

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