Red Rising, Pierce Brown

red rising


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  1. bachbooks Says:

    Darrow works as a “Helldiver” in the mines below Mars’ surface securing valuable resources to help establish the Martian colony. When his beloved wife Eo discovers a hidden passage out of their subterranean world to a domed garden on the surface, they spend a night together sleeping on grass beneath the stars. The police discover their trespass and whip them in the town square. As they whip Eo, she sings a forbidden song and the guards hang her. Wracked by grief, Darrow breaks the law by removing her body for burial, and he suffers the same fate, except his death doesn’t stick. He wakes up in the company of a band of rebels known as “the Sons of Ares.” These rebels remove Darrow’s blinders and expose him to an entirely unknown surface world of color castes ruled by the golds. They then proceed to physically transform him into an undercover agent who can infiltrate and destroy the ruling class. First, Darrow must survive and succeed in the brutal “school” designed to train and test students’ prowess in politics and war. Forced to form alliances with the golds he despises, Darrow learns that this society rewards ruthlessness and that friendships help shield him from his foes.

    I thought Allegiant was the final nail in the coffin of Young Adult dystopian literature, but Red Rising may act to resurrect the genre. After the abrupt beginning, I enjoyed Darrow’s transformation from Red to Gold. His tactical decisions, courage, and cunning make for a compelling read. Teens will relate to Darrow’s experience of feeling constantly judged by surface appearance rather than the “true identity” hidden within himself. More plot than character driven, cinematic and violent, this book should appeal to fans of “Ender’s Game” and/or “Game of Thrones.” Think: “Ender’s Game of Thrones.”

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: Divergent, The Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, Game of Thrones

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