Descent, Tim Johnston



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  1. bachbooks Says:

    After an undefeated senior season, track star Caitlin travels to Colorado with her family for some high altitude training. Waking early, she rouses her younger brother Sean who attempts to accompany her on a training run by riding a mountain bike. Sean struggles to keep pace with his sister, and then he is struck by a car. When the police contact his parents at the hotel, they ask the parents why they let their 15 year-old son ride up into the mountains “by himself.” At this point, it becomes clear that Caitlin has disappeared, and everyone suspects foul play. Her disappearance wreaks havoc upon the family as they struggle with how long to remain in Colorado looking for her or deciding when they should return home to try and continue their “normal” lives without her. Each family member wrestles with his or her personal demons in the wake of Caitlin’s disappearance.

    Dark, mysterious, and thrilling, Descent is not for the faint of heart. I enjoyed reading the perspectives of the various family members and learning how present tragedy stirs up past trauma. The author clearly illustrates that time does not “heal all wounds” and that our pasts haunt us even as we try to move on with our lives. Well written and suspenseful, this disturbing story of families torn apart and patched together will appeal to readers with a taste for gritty tales of loss and longing.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: Room, My Sunshine Away, Ripper

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