Sway, Kat Spears



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  1. bachbooks Says:

    Sway has built his reputation on having goods and information and then delivering on his promises. As his nickname implies, his smooth talking provides him with persuasion and the ability to sway the people around him. Yes, he’s a high school drug dealer, but he’s also a wounded soul with a hidden heart of gold. When the jerky captain of the football team hires Sway to convince an unattainable girl to go out with him, Sway accepts the challenge and makes the deal. To make the match, Sway first befriends Bridget in order to discover the quickest route to her heart. The more he learns about her, the less he wants to deliver her to the football player, but a deal is a deal, and Sway’s reputation means everything to him…until now. Will he follow his pride or his heart?

    This modern Cyrano de Bergerac story reads a bit like a 1980s John Hughes movie where a mysterious bad boy, surrounded by a cast of misfits, may or may not fall for the high school princess. Funny, gritty, touching, and tender, with enough peril to keep readers guessing, Sway introduces an entertaining cast of characters and twists a timeworn tale into a fresh and entertaining read.

    Rating: 4 stars

    Recommendations: Winger, 100 Sideways Miles, Eleanor & Park, The Fault in Our Stars, I’ll Give You the Sun

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