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  1. bachbooks Says:

    wtf tells the stories of six teens in and around New York City as their lives intersect for one night. The book begins with a car accident as three high school students crash into a deer en route to a party where two of them plan to sell enough drugs to pay off an outstanding debt. Their supplier needs their money so he can pay off his supplier and perhaps break free from the grips of the mob boss looming over his life. Through a series of inane mishaps, these four teens join with two more at an NYC club in a grand finale which brings them all together at last.

    wtf lives up to its title. The fractured and episodic narrative doesn’t leave time for any real character development, as the book just races from one folly to the next. Consequently, while entertaining at times, the characters remain fairly flat and lifeless. This has the feel of a short story gone long as it morphs into a made for TV teen movie. (It reminded me of Twelve, which also features NYC teens embroiled in a drug deal gone bad.)

    Rating: 2 stars

    Recommendations: Reconstructing Amelia, Sway, Looking for Alaska, The Beginning of Everything

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