Lair of Dreams, Libba Bray

lair of dreams

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  1. bachbooks Says:

    Evie, Theta, Memphis, Henry, and friends return in Lair of Dreams to tell the story of a city gripped by a mysterious “sleeping sickness” and haunted by a series of strange disappearances. Ling joins the cast with her ability to see and speak with the dead people she meets in her dreams. We also learn that Henry shares her ability as “dream walker.” Almost all of the main characters now exhibit some diviner characteristic (“Diviner fever sweeps the nation…everyone’s a diviner!”). The turmoil of the city in peril reflects the tumultuous love triangles ensnaring the main characters as Jericho and Sam both love Evie, Evie and Mabel both love Jericho, and Evie loves Evie, Sam, Jericho, and her flask. (It’s complicated!) Eventually the characters work to solve one mystery, but they have not escaped the ominous storm darkening the horizon.

    I read The Diviners a few years ago, so it took a while for me to reconnect with the characters, setting, and story of Lair of Dreams, but after 100 pages or so I felt right back at home with the Diviners. Evie made The Diviners fun to read, but I found her less likable in this book. Haunted by her experiences in the first book, she copes by roaring along with the twenties; while still entertaining, she seems a metaphor for her country: drunk on the present with little hope for the future. Bray does an excellent job establishing the mood of the book by weaving together glimpses of life and death around the city and across the country to set the tone for the main events. The witty repartee between the characters makes the dialog fun to follow, and Bray plays up “Diviner fever” to create a sense of the tide about to turn on our heroes. With Will on mysterious mission, the rise of Jake Marlow (and his eugenics backers), and the sinister “President men” tracking diviners the author has a mighty story left to tell in the next book.

    Rating: 3.5 stars

    Recommendations: The Diviners, The Name of the Star, I’ll Give You the Sun

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