Honor Girl, Maggie Thrash

honor girl


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  1. bachbooks Says:

    In the year 2000, 15 year old Maggie attends an all-girls summer camp and feels stirrings for Erin, a college aged counselor. She spends the rest of the summer honing her rifle skills, seeking opportunities to connect with Erin, and balancing her need to talk about her same sex attraction with her compulsion to keep it secret. Two years later, while visiting her brother at college, she reconnects briefly with Erin. In the end, Maggie comes to a painful realization about their “relationship.”

    As a former camper and camp counselor, I am a sucker for summer camp romances, although I was torn between Maggie’s desire to advance the relationship and the absolute impropriety of a camper-counselor romance. On the one hand, “nothing really happened” since Maggie and Erin only go as far as hugging and holding hands, but Maggie’s narrative clearly shows that her perspective, their connection is very real. Something in the transitory nature of summer camp condenses both passion and time, and Thrash does an excellent job depicting the urgency of the lovers as their time together draws to a close. Eventually, the sweetness of young love is drowned out by the bitter reality of the age difference between the two, and Maggie wakes to the reality that her potential dream come true is really just a fleeting memory of a summer that faded into fall.

    Rating: 3.5 stars

    Recommendations: Smile, Sisters, Drama, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Eleanor & Park, Looking for Alaska, Attachments

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