Little Brown Brother, Leon Wolff

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  1. Tyler F. Says:

    Summary: The Spanish had colonized the Philippines from 1521 to 1898. The Spanish had an oppressive rule over the people of the Philippines. The Spanish troops would forcefully impose work on people and took people’s land to give to the Catholic Church. Eventually, rebel groups started to form, like the liga filipina. Eventually, under the rebel leader Aguinaldo the rebels made real progress fighting back the Spanish but took a bribe and left the country to figure out that they weren’t going to get the money. Aguinaldo had a role in influencing American forces to help free the country. Under general Dewey, the Americans were able to inch themselves through the country and won a surrender from Spain. The United States bought the Philippines from Spain for around 20 million dollars. Under the United States, the Catholic Church was disassembled and Catholic land was redistributed. Although the situation seemed hopeful, groups like the Mohammedans who were Muslim weren’t sure of another rule and rebelled against the United States by attacking bases in cities such as Luzon and Mindenao. American troops were massacred and drove into the hills.

    Evaluation: This book is very factual and includes specific events that occurred during this time period. This also gave a better outlook into the culture that was experienced there in that time period especially since the freedom of Cuba was occupying headlines. I would recommend this book to readers who are interested in learning about government and details about a revolution.

    Recommendations: Dark Life by Kat Falls, In a Time of War by Bill Murphy

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