Culture Shock! Japan, Rex Shelley

culture shock japan


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  1. Kevin L. Says:

    The book Culture Shock! Japan by Rex Shelley is like an oversize tour book. The book first starts out with explanation of what the land of Japan looks like, the population of Japan, then some history of the government of Japan. Then they move on to explaining the normal life of the Japanese people like men are the workers of the house and women and the housewife in charge of looking after the kids, dealing with financing, and helping her husband with anything needed to keep him working (around 10% of women are workers). Then the book goes and explains what it’s like to live in Japan, which explains how most everyday workers take 2 or more hours on transportation to get to their workplace due to the fact that it is way too expensive to live in town. Then the book explains manners which a few are similar in the US but for the most part they are different. Then in the end they quiz you on what you have read in the book.

    My thoughts on this book is that it is good for people who never heard of Japan and their people. I make this claim because the book itself is a very dull book in the way they give you facts. I would like if they were to add more humor to book other than some of the few funny comic pictures. Not all of the book is bad it is very informational in the terms of info but in the past I have read books that when telling you information add humor to keep the reader entertained and help them get through the book. But it’s not all that dull it has some interesting facts like how most worker citizens take 2 or more on transportation to get to work.

    Rating: 3 Stars

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    Half Bad by Sally Green

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