Sea of Grey, Dewey Lambdin

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  1. Chloe S. Says:

    Sea of Grey by Dewey Lambdin, Is a detailed novel about a sea adventure. It follows the journey of Captain Alan Lewrie and his crew through the dangerous Caribbean. Lewrie and the crew encounter many obstacles. Lewrie boldly commits to protect a friend’s honor in a battle, He deals with the abrupt arrival of the HM Government’s Foreign Office agents, and he must prove himself when met with his enemy Guillaume Choundas. The ship also must deal with the reborn United States Navy which proves to be a unhelpful ally. With all the obstacles they face, Lewrie time after time proves to be a brave, courageous captain.

    The book Sea of Grey, was very detailed. It would have been an easier read if there weren’t so many facts thrown in. Although with the density of the text it created a very informative read. The storyline was captivating and it was definitely a page turner at times. Lewrie’s adventures were never dull and Dewey Lambdin created characters that the reader was able to either love or hate.

    Rating: 3/5


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