The Mexican War, K. Jack Bauer

the mexican war


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  1. Timothy C. Says:

    The Mexican War
    Summary: This book by K. Jack Bauer can easily be separated into three sections; the causes of the war, the war itself, and the aftermath or effect that the war had on both Mexico and the U.S. There were reasons for this war, of course. The United States wanted the Mexican border to run along the Rio Grande river, which would give them more land, whereas Mexico wanted their border to run along the Nueces river, which would give them a larger country. So the disputed territory covered most of the western half of Texas and parts of New Mexico, Colorado and even Wyoming. The starting point of the war can be marked 25 of April, 1846. The Mexicans retreated further into their country as the war went on, and there were not many skirmishes or battles where the Mexicans came on top. One of the more notable American victories was the battle of Palo Alto. This was notable because the day after, the American troops were victorious again at the battle of Rasaca de la palma. This was a sorry time for the Mexicans and their armies, but it made General Taylor, the American leader in the area at the time, quite famous and well-respected. The war ended unofficially on September 14, 1847 when the Americans fought the Mexicans in a three-day siege on Mexico City and won. It ended officially on February 2, 1848, when the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, and the U.S. paid Mexico $15 million for the disputed territory, as well as California, Arizona and the rest of New Mexico.

    Evaluation: If you’re looking for a book that will bore you, yet keeps you reading just to finish the book, and is filled with resource links and notes, and is over 400 pages long, then The Mexican War by K. Jack Bauer is the book for you! One thing I would recommend for this author to include or change about his book would be to add a little more voice and character so that the reader doesn’t fall asleep while reading. The book was filled with much content and good detail, which was actually the element of the book that generated the monotonous character and expression. One good thing about the book was that it didn’t spend time talking about things that didn’t matter to the Mexican War. Every part was relevant to the story.

    Rating from 1- 5 stars: 2.3 stars

    Recommendations: The Fellowship of the Ring

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