Washington’s Crossing, David Hackett Fischer

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  1. Diego B. Says:

    Washington’s Crossing was mainly about Washington’s life and the events of the American Revolution before Washington’s crossing the Delaware River in Dec 25, 1776 during and the Aftermath of the Battle of Princeton. In Fischer’s book it talks about the condition of American people and soldiers, British soldiers, and Hessian soldiers during the war and gives more information about them. Also it tells about the events before the Crossing and it tells how both sides felt during the war. It also tells of the problems that Washington faced during the Crossing and it was lucky Washington that didn’t lose after the Battle of Princeton. It told who was Washington as person not as hero but as a good man doing what was right.

    The book was interesting because first it told the printing of Washington’s Crossing history and what it means, and then it talks about each of the armies that were in the war before the Battle of Princeton. After that it talks about the plans of the British and the Americans and finally it talked what had happened. I would say that it’s the best and first history nonfiction book I have read. It also had a few images of maps, people, and places in printing. It’s a great book if you want learn the history at that time and great moments.

    Recommendations: Lord of The Rings, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, World of Warcraft War Crimes

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