Salt: A World History, Mark Kurlansky



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  1. Zion C. Says:

    “Salt” by author Mark Kurlansky explores the history of the rock crystal salt and how it has influenced various aspects of countries’ histories. He writes about the use of salt in food preservation, sharing examples of how salt was used to preserve meat prior to refrigerators. In England, salt was especially popular when used to dry and pickle cod fish. Kurlansky further discusses the influence salt had on empires throughout Europe in terms of war strategy and economic control. The role of salt in different cultures is also discussed sharing examples such as how the usage of salt placed directly onto one’s food is seen as disrespectful.

    While the book may sound interesting and captivating, it is quite the opposite. Instead the book is like reading the genealogy in the book of Genesis mixed with the script of Forest Gump. The author is repetitive in content, spending much time lingering on the topic of pickling and his obsession with cod. Although there were nuggets of interesting information, in the beginning of the book, the book got progressively less and less interesting and informative. Then again, it is a book about a rock, how much is there really to write about?

    I would give this book a 2 out of 5 rating.

    Recommendations: I Am Number Four, Michael Vey

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