I Only Wanted to Live, Arie Tamir

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  1. Emilyn G. Says:

    Leosh escapes out of the ghetto with the help of his intelligence, by learning how act like a “polish kid” using slang like Jesus Mary after a troubling situation. Leosh later “buys a new friend” named Jasiek, who was attached to him and felt my trust. Jasiek brought him to meet his mother and gladly was offered a home, which Leosh insisted on paying 4 zloty per night. After becoming part of the family, Leosh finds Gina his cousin who after finds a home to stay for a couple of months. The family seemed quite friendly with a wonderful family. Leosh stayed in hide out, but had a wonderful name. But family had to send to another family due to people suspecting a lot of stuff. On way to meet Gina, Leosh gets stopped by a polish police officer. Without any words to say he yelled ” I didn’t do anything.” After staying at the police station he was transferred to a labor camp called Plaszow. Despite being in a camp Leosh is finally reunited with his whole family dad, mom, his sister and cousin. Leosh had various jobs due to his intelligence in math, that got jobs as add jail mates number, Messenger boy. Every few they would have a family dinner in the women labor camp that brought lots of joy to Leosh. Wilhelm Leosh father was getting weak more and more, working was very hard. Until one day the German officer shot his father, Leosh was depressed didn’t want to live anymore. Few days after that the camp was liberated Americans came and helped the Jews who were terribly injured like Leosh. Waking up in a hospital, knowing he lost everyone, Leosh made very good friends with the doctors who helped out, he would eat with them, play and talk. German officers, commanders prisoners were working in the hospital. Leosh got much joy commanding them to do ridiculous warm up and forcing them to honestly answer all the question he had asked them. Soon after Leosh emigrated to Palestine and was educated in Kibbutz with other survivors. Many years later meets the love of his life get married and have 2 wonderful daughters.
    Questions answered?:
    I’ve had many questions but my main was that How could German officer treat a Jew good knowing what they had to do later on? After reading my question was answered most Germans were against Hilter and his plans, but were forced to do many of the stuff they did. Not wanting to face the consequences they did what they were told and felt shame, but life had to go on.
    Why did the Author write this book?
    Leosh wanted the people to see the life he lived for nearly a year, of starvation, torture and beatings. Not many people would ever experience this type of struggle. And most of all to put their parents name in peace, at the beginning the author states,” I dedicate his book to the memory of my parents, Wilhelm Wimisner and Eva Dorf, my sisters Gizia and Sarenka, and dozens of cousins, uncles and aunts”. This indicates that he wanted to value them by writing a book about the lives they lived.
    I would recommend this book to everyone, this a very inspirational story that will touch everyone hearts. I’ve learned some history about the holocaust, which I didn’t know before. And to see how he lived his life after all this mess happened. Managing to have a beautiful family, many grand kids, and a wonderful wife. A truly remarkable story about a holocaust Survivor.

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