John Adams, David McCullough

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One Response to “John Adams, David McCullough”

  1. Izaya T. Says:

    John Adams grew up in Braintree, Massachusetts just south of Boston. He was a very bright kid and started very early reading and writing. He went to Harvard College to pursue a job as a teacher. In 1760s he found himself in the first continental congress. During that Adams helped elect George Washington commander of the continental army. Which lead to a revolution that Adams played a very big part in. He was talking back forth with Paris and Britain throughout the revolution and even after. Eventually after the revolution John Adams became the second president after George Washington finishes his second term. During his presidency he had to fight with federalist leader Alexander Hamilton throughout his presidency due to their different views.

    This read was long but very descriptive, some might find it dry but I enjoyed learning about the guy in background of the American Revolution. It was a good read.

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