SuperMutant Magic Academy, Jillian Tamaki

super mutant magic academy


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One Response to “SuperMutant Magic Academy, Jillian Tamaki”

  1. bachbooks Says:

    This graphic novel presents a series of one or two page vignettes detailing the lives of the various students who attend the SuperMutant Magic Academy: a modern-day “Hogwarts” populated with mutant teens of all stripes. The stories focus on their personal lives and relationships rather than a “main character” or overarching central plot. Featured themes include stories of friendship, identity, purpose, and longing.

    I wasn’t wild about This One Summer, also by Jillian Tamaki, but I really enjoyed SuperMutant Magic Academy. The author uses these abnormal needs to make keen observations about adolescent realities. She displays a wry sense of humor, and sections of the book made me laugh out loud. The antics of the resident performance artist were particularly funny, and I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys oddball humor and stories about the normal lives of “freaks.”

    Rating: 3.5 stars

    Recommendations: Honor Girl, Drama, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Smile, Sisters, My Friend Dahmer, 100 Sideways Miles, Winger

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