Friday Night Lights, H.G. Bissinger


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  1. Tim E. Says:

    Friday Night Lights is about this city that is dedicated to football and football is their everything. Permian High School is the team that most people dedicate their lives to, because that’s the team that owns the big stadium in the city and makes the crowd go wild. That team also held the all star running back, who was the best in the state. But later, that all star running back had gotten injured in the season. What was the team going to do if they don’t have a running back…? Especially the best one! Every team needs a running back. They are key players! Well if you want to find out what happened to the team and the player, go to the library and read this book!

    In my opinion the book is pretty good, so far… I haven’t finished reading it. It’s a big book, about 300 pages, but otherwise it’s still good! This book is definitely a thriller because it has a lot of suspense due to the games that they have. Also I can relate to one of the characters so it’s kinda cool to understand what they think and feel.. To relate!

    Recommendations: Swagger, Touchdown, Blue Mountain State!

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