Across Many Mountains, Yangzom Brauen

across many mountains


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One Response to “Across Many Mountains, Yangzom Brauen”

  1. Kira Hsu-Large Says:

    Across Many Mountains is an autobiography and memoir about a Tibetan family who was forced to escape their country during the Chinese occupation of Tibet. The story mostly focuses on the female family members, and the hardships they encounter along the way to India, and eventually Switzerland.

    This book was very interesting, fast paced, and inspiring. The author Yangzom Brauen tells the story of her family in a way that makes it seem more like fiction, which makes it more fun and easier to read. She also does a great job describing Tibetan culture, and gives us a better understanding of the religion and lifestyle.

    I would rate this book five stars because it is a personal reflection on history, and it shows that woman have the strength to and ability to make their own decisions.

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