Dorothy Must Die, Danielle Paige

dorothy must die

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One Response to “Dorothy Must Die, Danielle Paige”

  1. Bryan G. Says:

    In an alternate universe, follow the path of an oppressive ruler and how she changed Oz. Actually no, follow Amy the protagonist of the story as she uncovers the hidden truth. She meets some friends and gets into trouble trying to save a monkey, and Amy’s friend was melted into a pile of sludge and Amy was sent to prison for treason, she is confined to a jail cell for weeks, then tries to free herself when a witch appears inside her cell on trial day; they fight until they get cornered by the tin guards and Amy agrees to help the witch in return for an escape from death. Immediately Amy is sent to help the order in which they give Amy the goal to assassinate Dorothy, then that would cause her allies to return to their senses, because the reason they were acting so horrible to creatures was because they will do anything to make Dorthy happy and that is their only goal. Sadly, this can’t continue because if they continue mining Oz for magic, Dorothy would own all magic in Oz and severely damage their world, and it would be irreversible due to all the chasms left over from drilling. Dorothy gets snuck into the castle after training since the order was running out of time for some reason, besides that Amy gets snuck in as the longest maid in service Astrid, and Amy gets close enough to learn things about the scarecrow and his “experiments,” the tin man’s loyalty to Dorothy is much more that meets the eye. Turns out, after a royal party, that Amy can not kill Dorothy, she must end her companions. No matter how they used to be.

    My thoughts on this book are mixed, when I grabbed it off the shelf I was in a rush so I didn’t think about it too much, and I had no idea what I got myself into. I thought it was a murder book for some mystery because of the big text printed that said “Die”, after closer inspection I saw the Words “Dorothy Must Die” and I was confused. This book is fairly decent, nothing noticeably good where I would say put time out of your day and read it, no that’s just out of place for me. It’s a good book if you have nothing better to do, and talk about cliffhangers, I hate it. Sometimes a story could just be ended by adding ten more pages but, nope they had to milk it and make another book that hasn’t been released yet, as of June 6th, 2016. I think this book was decent and I really don’t have much to say beside the cliffhanger done intentionally as an excuse to make another book in the future when the one book could just be done in a wrapped up bow. That lowers my rating, but if you enjoy waiting for who knows how long then read it.

    I rate this book 2 stars out of 5.

    Recommendations: Not really since I rarely read and if I do it’s online in posts in social media.

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