Life in Ancient Rome, Don Nardo

life in ancient rome


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One Response to “Life in Ancient Rome, Don Nardo”

  1. Kevin L. Says:

    Summary: The story Life in Ancient Rome by Don Nardo is about what people will think it’s about from the name, it’s about the life in Rome in the past. To start off, the story explains to the reader that the Romans had a ranking system in their society where the most rich and strong figures came out on top. Next they explain the difference between a person that lives in a big city in Rome and the people who live in the countryside in Rome. The book claims that they both cannot exist without the other. Later it talks about what they do when they are bored, like what do they do for entertainment, which is theater for the most part they don’t really do the fight to the death thing, but they did have huge part for the upper class people. Finally near the end of the book it talks about the life of a Roman soldier. They say that Romans all think that they should have a strong army, being in the army allow the soldier to build status to their name. The Roman army was one of the best armies ever existed and that is mostly it for the book.

    Evaluation: For me I thought the book was very informational about Rome back then. I was surprised that Rome had the social status of women higher than men in most situations like marriage. Another point is how they aren’t into bloodshed for entertainment they are more into theater. Lastly what I was mostly found interesting is that the young boys in Rome really looked to be in the army when they grow up. They thought it was the best way for them to earn something to their name in the form of a rank which will leading them to be able to get a job easier.

    Rating: I give this book 4/5 stars for the informational purpose it stands for.

    Recommendations: Any Culture Shock Books if you are looking for history books. Non-history book is Half Bad by Sally Green.

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