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  1. Sophia S. Says:

    In the novel Moose, Tom Lang explained a detective moose’s life from the animals point of view. The moose detective, Gigas helped solve mysteries in the moose world while trying to avoid getting killed during hunting season. The big mystery Gigas was trying to solve was finding his friend Cervida’s male partner after Cervida was killed by a hunter. Gigas got fed up with the hunters and decided to find them in town. When he found them, Gigas decided that he would control his own destiny and not let the hunters decide. Gigas took revenge on the hunters.

    Moose by Tom Lang was very well written, explaining a moose’s life from their point of view. Moose had a good plot about all the hunting that goes on and how it needs to stop. People can’t just go killing wild animals all the time just for pleasure. Moose also talked a lot about friendship and what being loyal to someone means. I really liked the storyline about how it affects the moose when one of them is killed by a hunter, and how the hunting needs to stop.

    Rating: 5 Stars

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