The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fforde

the eyre affair

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  1. Francis D. Says:

    Meet Thursday Next, a woman who lives in an alternate 1985 where dodos and time travel exist, Shakespeare is practically a religion, and the cheese taxes are so high you would not believe. Thursday lives and works in London as a LiteraTec officer, a member of the book police force. But when a stake-out goes horribly wrong and Thursday is the only survivor, herself shows up in her hospital room, telling her to transfer to her hometown of Swindon, and warning her that the man who nearly killed her, Acheron Hades, third most evil person on the planet, is still alive. And what’s worse, Thursday soon discovers, Acheron has kidnapped Jane Eyre and is threatening to destroy Jane Austen’s classic book forever. Thursday will have to fight vampires and an evil corporation, and even jump into the pages of Jane Eyre itself if she wants to save literature, and save the world.

    This book is great, especially for avid readers and writers. The literature based and meta-level humor is hilarious, but the jokes aren’t particularly accessible to those who don’t know or care much about books. I enjoyed it immensely, and the rest of the series, (six more to date) is just as amazing and wonderfully funny. Thursday is an imperfect but relatable heroine, and the story is much better than my summary above. (This applies no matter how good you think my summary was.)

    This comment has been censored by the Goliath Corporation.

    4 ****

    Recommended: The Hidden Oracle, The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, The Last Dragonslayer

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