King Leopold’s Ghost, Adam Hochschild

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  1. Talya S. Says:

    King Leopold’s Ghost is another story of the barbaric and heinous infliction the Europeans “colonization” on indigenous people and their lands. This story in particular emphasizes what the Europeans movitives were versus what they said they were. Most Europeans aiming to conquer “New Lands” by stripping them of their valuables and slaughtering their people said they were bringing the natives god and civilization. In this piece of history King Leopold uses the guise of The International African Association, whose alleged purpose was to bring the Africans a scientific revolution and abolish slavery; which of course is exactly the opposite of what King Leopold really did. King Leopold reaped extravagant wealth from his exploitation of the Congo and it’s people. Despite others attempts during the time to bring his crimes to light, the horrible story passed through history greatly undocumented. King Leopold managed to mostly destroy his paper trail before he died and his and the Congo’s story, for the most part, has been forgotten.

    I think this is a greatly written book and it gives good insight on the tragic conquests of the age of exploration. However, it is an awful story and I would only recommend it if one needed to find a book to meet the World History specifications.

    2 stars

    Recommendations: Percy Jackson, All My Friends Are Dead, All My Friends Are Still Dead (the sequel to AMFAD)

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