A Day in Old Rome, William Stearns Davis



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One Response to “A Day in Old Rome, William Stearns Davis”

  1. Breanna L. Says:

    Davis takes us back to Ancient Rome with his articulate vocabulary, he goes on and speaks about the lives of Romans all the way back in 117 AD. Around this time, Romans were extremely dependent on the Roman Catholic Church which highly influenced their choices. The Catholic Church looked down to the other religions because they were “unworthy”. Roman children were also highly reliant on the church but not by choice.Their fathers had the power to decide at any point in the child’s lifetime if they should live or die, so most children obeyed their fathers and their choices if they wanted them to follow the church. Social order and power was crucial to Roman life, the higher class was treated better and had a lot more power over the rest, especially the plebeians (lowest class). Surprisingly, with different religions, classes and the amount of power some Romans had over one another, they attempted to live in harmony and blend in together.

    Since this book has very spiritless vocabulary, it can be quite dry at times which is why I rate it 2.5 stars. This book may be a bit hard to follow at some parts, however Davis does a decent job getting the reader to come back to the book’s reality he established as well as give many interesting looks into Ancient Rome which is an era that is extraordinarily important to our world’s history. Personally, I would recommend this book if the recommendee is particularly interested in ancient eras of history. Although, along with the recommendation, I would provide a warning that the monotonous tone the book has might make it hard to sit through.

    Looking For Alaska by John Green, The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen.

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