Empire of the Summer Moon, S. C. Gwynne



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  1. Connor S. Says:

    The book “The Empire of the Summer Moon” by S. C. Gwynne is a great book. The book starts out with the backstory of the Indians in the plans and describing how powerless the Comanche were. How they gained their power was a bunch of wild horses got lose and went up to the southern Rockies, the origin of the Comanche. They became very proficient at training and breeding these horses. Slowly, they moved south onto the plains themselves. Then came the white settlers, they invaded the plains very quickly. But the Comanche responded violently, and as a custom they would raid camps, kidnapping kids. And this is where the story starts. One child eventually chose Indian life over white life, she had 3 kids. One child was the next in line of the power over all of the Comanche. One night when the village was attacked, the chief died. Leaving Quanah in charge of the entire band of Comanche. Over time the whites want to take over the Comanche land so they begin to fight the Comanche. This war becomes very violent very quickly. The war was brutal, and raids were exchanged on a regular basis. Over a long 40 years there was a brutal war over the plains, there was so much suffering that went along with it, often not with the people who were directly involved. Eventually, like the rest of the Indians, the Comanche signed a treaty and were moved onto reservations. It wasn’t a bad move, but it greatly affected the lives of the Indians.

    My Evaluation of “The Empire of the Summer Moon” is that it is a very informational book and made me open up my eyes to the truth of the wild west. The wild west was brutal and this book confirms that. Although this is very graphic in the images about the fights and the way women were treated, I would recommend this book to anyone who was looking for an interesting informational book.

    Rating: 3.5 Stars

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