The Life of Elizabeth I, Alison Weir



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  1. Madeline E. Says:

    The Life of Elizabeth I by Alison Weir as suggested by the title, follows the life of the queen of England Elizabeth the first. As a child she was declared “baseborn” (meaning of low birth or origin) by her father Henry VII after he accused her mother of cheating on him. Her early life continues to be hard as her other half siblings get a chance to rule the country that should be hers. When finally she does get to be in power she is greatly questioned because of her exile by her father, and is greeted by a country that does not want another female ruler after Mary Tudor. But she quickly shows how powerful of a leader she can be by strategically choosing who should be helping her rule on a day to day basis. She makes it very clear that she will never marry, despite the many offers that come her way and the possible political advantages that came with each. She makes England her country, declaring herself the most English woman in England, and turning its national religion back to protestant as she felt it rightfully belonged. Elizabeth was a strong queen who lead a strong military force for England. The book focuses on how Elizabeth was a very smart, witty, private in all matters, and strong female leader until the day she died.

    This is a fairly well written book. It mostly talks about specifics though, which I found confusing. It talked about a lot of people that I didn’t know and were not established well in the book. It creates good insight into the life of the queen, but was choppy and hard to follow and get into. Because it was so focused on the detailed life of the queen, it was hard to make connections to the bigger picture of the time that they were in. I would only recommend if you already knew some about the topic before hand, so you could have something to go off of.

    Rating: 2 stars

    Recommendations: The Family Romanov, A Diary of a Young Girl, Shadow and Bone     

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