The Year of Fear, Joe Urschel


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  1. Kobey G. Says:

    This book is about the organized crime of the late 1920s. The main character is a man named George “Machine Gun” Kelly. The book goes through all the amazing crimes that were performed by George. Throughout the story George goes across the country robbing lots of banks. At the time bank security was not much a thing at all, so performing so many crimes was not a very difficult thing. George meets many crime leaders, and other crooks throughout the story. Eventually he meets a women, named Kathryn, that he marries. The couple continue to bootleg and perform kidnappings. They perform possibly the most known crime history when they kidnap a oil company owner named Charles Urschel. There is chase to find Urschel and George and Kathryn must not be caught to keep there life as they know it.

    I enjoyed reading this book a lot. The beginning is very interesting because the book explains a lot about the prohibition era. It is very shocking how much organized crime occured at this time. The story is a little slower in the middle because not a lot of new stuff happens but once George and Kathryn perform the kidnapping the is enjoyable all the way until the end of the story. The whole time I wanted to keep reading to find out if they successfully get away with the kidnapping. I would recommend this book to anyone because I learned a good amount from reading it but also it was an enjoyable read.
    Rating: 4/5

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