Wrecked, Maria Padian


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  1. bachbooks Says:

    Haley’s roommate Jenny accuses a fellow student of raping her after she passed out at an off campus party. As Haley recovers from a concussion, which will certainly end her freshman soccer season and likely her soccer career, she struggles to care for her roommate and herself. Richard, an attractive math tutor, steps in to help with her math homework until their flirtatious relationship is derailed when they learn that Richard’s housemate Jordan is Jenny’s attacker. Just a few months into their freshman year, Haley and Jenny wrestle with who they can trust and where they can turn for support.

    A realistic look at the importance of educating all young adults about the essential nature of consent. After reading a true account of college rape culture in Missoula, this fictional account seems like a realistic depiction of the college tribunal system often used to litigate campus sexual assaults. Unlike many books dealing with sexual assault, Wrecked did provide some measure of hope in the budding and respectful romantic relationship between Haley and Richard. Required reading for young adults seeking to eliminate rape culture.

    Rating: 3 stars

    Recommendations: Missoula, Asking for It, Exit Pursued by Bear, American Girls, Reconstructing Amelia, The Female of the Species, Consent

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