Shadow Divers, Robert Kurson


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One Response to “Shadow Divers, Robert Kurson”

  1. Connor S. Says:

    Shadow Divers starts out with the beginning of the legend, that is Bill Nagle. He starts out diving at a very young age. At the age of 25 he becomes a legend and was the first person to get into the first class section of the Dorian, he starts becoming a bigger and bigger name in the diving world. He mets his best friend John Chatterton diving. Nagle buys a charter boat for diving and as he slips into alcoholism, John starts to run the boat. But Nagle gets some coordinates from an old fishing captain and when they dive it, they find a WWII submarine. The crew becomes obsessed with identifying this submarine. They want to become part of history, but it comes at a price… 3 people die from diving this monster of a dive, Chatterton becomes more obsessed with it then anyone else and with the help of Kohler, they Identify it as U-869. It truly was an amazing story full of adversity and dedication.

    I would definitely recommend this book to a friend. It shows what true friends do for each other, its constantly engaging and always has a problem that the people of the book have to fix.

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