Coco Chanel An Intimate Life, Lisa Chaney

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One Response to “Coco Chanel An Intimate Life, Lisa Chaney”

  1. Talya S. Says:

    Coco Chanel An Intimate life was a as truthful as possible rendition of “Coco” Gabriel Chanel’s life, with little to no added dramaticism to give a better story-telling effect. The purpose of this book was to bring to light the controversial and iconic life that Chanel, as a modern and successful businesswoman lived. Chanel as a professional was a revolutionary figure in the fashion industry and her private life was a wild and scandalous affair (pun intended, she had many affairs).

    I found this book to have achieved its goal of relaying the fascinating story of Coco Chanel to a T, however I was not a fan of the delivery. The writing style was a little dry and slow and I believe the author, Lisa Chaney, could have made the story a little more engaging and compelling, and still have stayed true to the facts. Since Lisa did accurately relay the story, as I believe was her goal, I would give this book a 3/5. It did not suit me, however it achieved its purpose.

    Recommendations: The 5th Wave, A Dog’s Purpose, and Percy Jackson

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