Gandhi, Louis Fischer

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  1. Oberon P. Says:

    On October 2, 1869, one of the greatest leaders was born. Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi ruled during the Indian independence movement, not through violence, but through words. He was a pacifist. He married wis wife at age 14, Katsurba Gandhi. In his early years, Gandhi had 4 children, but did not see them as often as most fathers. He was in London for his job, a lawyer. He spent over half his life there trying to provide money for his family. Throughout his trips/time to London, Gandhi faced many problems. One time he was thrown off a bus, another time he got beaten up because of his race. Each problem was becoming worse than the last.
    In his later years, mid-thirties or so, Gandhi gave up many things. He gave up sex, but by doing so, killed his own father. One day, he was massaging his father’s feet as a last request, when he became aroused. He went to his wife’s room and later heard that his father died within that time span. He helped many people, but on January 30, 1948, he was shot to death in his homeland. People all around the world grieved for him, as his funeral was attended to by thousands, praying for Gandhi.

    Rating: I would rate Gandhi 3.5 stars, because the author put forth effort, but some parts were not necessary.

    If students liked this book, I would recommend another biography of someone famous in the past, like Hitler or MLK

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